On Monday September 9, 2017, Concord Township Fire Department presented the first annual 9-11 Survivor Memorial Tree Ceremony on the grounds of Station #1.

This ceremony was the 16th Anniversary of the 9-11 collapse of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. Some history as to how this ceremony began; during the removal of debris from the rubble site, all of the surrounding trees were destroyed with the exception of one that had a green leaf. This tree was carefully removed and taken to John Bowne High School in Queens New York to be nursed back to health and during this time, seeding’s were extracted to create new seedlings.

Chief Rochford received notification from a retired NYPD and 9-11 cancer survivor family member to offer these trees to neighboring departments. After the application process, ten (10) departments took part in an apparatus escort by police and fire personnel to Station #1 where they received their trees to enhance their 9-11 memorial sites. Each tree contained a medallion with a number which was entered into a national registry so that those interested in visiting 9-11 Memorial sites can research the locations. After the memorial, each department provided an escort back to their final destination.

The trees awarded to Concord Township Fire Department were planted with honors and will be the hosting site of other trees in future 9-11 Ceremonies.

We would wish to extend our thanks to Mayor Tim Neese, City of Elkhart for his presentation, Elkhart County Commissioner Frank Lucchese, Concord Town Trustee Mark Grabill, Concord Town Board Paul Maurer, Elkhart County Sheriff Chaplin Michael Pennington and all of the guests that helped make this ceremony an honorable success.