On July 11th Concord Township Fire Department received the newest addition to our fleet. A 100-foot E-One ladder truck. This truck will be in service by the end of the month! We are working on loading equipment and supplies on to the truck every day. Today C shift buffed and shined the truck to perfection.
You may have seen us out driving around or flowing water through it at the station. All of our staff is hard at work training on the truck and how to safely operate all of the features. We’re also working on graphics and logos to place on the truck to match the rest of the fleet.
This truck is a very unique addition to our department and will provide different tactical advantages both during rescues and on the fire ground. All of this comes together to help keep our township citizens and their property as safe as possible during the worst circumstances.
Check out the photos to see what the view from 100 feet up looks like!